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Today, renewable energy is paramount to our future. Increasingly, studies have found that harmful pollution is causing irreversible damage to our atmosphere, land, water and thus our quality of life.

The utilization of the wind and solar energy are the keys to keeping and maintaining a clean environment for generations to come. You have the power to choose to say “No” to companies that use fossil fuels to produce electricity. Here in the United States, electricity is widely produced using coal and natural gas (fossil fuels) that’s harmful to our environment. Both fuels represent approximately 80%  that is burned to generate electricity that produces dangerous pollution. These fuels byproducts are:

·         Carbon Dioxide

·         Sulfur Dioxide

·         Nitrogen Oxide

·         Mercury

These four major pollutants not only do damage to our planet but also impacts our water ecosystem and can contaminate our food.

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You have the Power to Choose…. 

Here in Texas, we are fortunate in that grass-root efforts are in place whereas we are the largest producers of renewable energy, especially power producing wind farms. Electric 4U has a viable solution that you will personally benefit; we have a Retail Energy Provider that have made the commitment to provide only 100 % of renewable energy at a fantastic rate over traditional retail energy providers.

A Fact to Ponder: The more that we collectively use renewable energy, the less damaging pollution emitted into the atmosphere and our environment. As a result, dirty pollutants will be displaced by clean energy.

Today is the day to make you choose to switch retail energy providers that will both benefit your family, our planet earth, and your wallet. Typically, you’ll see a saving up to 40% and it the same time reduces your carbon footprint by enrolling in a 100% renewable energy plan. We have a plan that fits any situation; from month to month, 1 or 2-year terms, and even cost-effective pre-paid plans.*

Electric 4U would like to offer a Free Rate Analysis that would compare rates with your current energy provider. We’ll show you real saving and invite you to enroll in a plan. Even if you are in a contract, it would be beneficial to switch. This is a perfect time to enroll and lock in a low rate; since we are not suffering from high temperatures in the summer, where normally energy prices are higher.

Complete and submit the form below for more information and begin your Free Rate Analysis. Within 24 hours, we’ll contact you with your written report and an invitation to enroll in a plan that meets your energy needs.

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Facts and Discussion on Renewable Energy

 Let’s talk about clean energy and how it benefits the community, society as a whole, and ultimately, our planet.


Here are some Interesting Facts:      


    • Renewable Energy creates three times more jobs than fossil fuels.
    • Fossil fuels get four times the subsidy of renewables.
    • Renewable energy is expected to jump to 25 percent of global gross power generation in 2018, a rise of 20 percent in 2011 and 19 percent in 2006.
    • One wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power up to 1,400 households.
    • Within a 5-year period, Portugal’s electric grid jumped from 15 percent to  45 percent renewables.
    • If taken advantage of to its fullest extent, sunlight that beams on the earth for one hour could meet world energy demands for an entire year.
    • Europe and North Africa could run on 100% renewable energy by 2050.
    • In 2014, China built two wind turbines per day.
    • Solar power may account for the world’s primary energy source of power by 2050.
    • There are more than 10,000 wind turbines in Texas, and at times last winter, wind supplied 40-50% of the state’s electricity.
    • Texas now produces more wind power alone than 25 U.S. states produce from all sources of energy combined!

Sources:  CleantechnicaOilprice.com,  Greenpeace.org ,  U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

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